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We are a global, agile and experienced leadership development and career management practice, whose key focus is supporting the development of individuals and teams to be more productive, confident, happy, motivated and skilled at doing their best work. 

Our focus includes developing talent, navigating challenging situations, supporting senior leadership and building strong female talent pipelines.

We started The Career Business in 2009 when companies and individuals were navigating difficult markets. With our strong corporate experience spanning many years and different industries, we built our practice to support clients with four main pillars:

  • Leadership Development – creating greater impact as individuals, and as managers or leaders of teams
  • Coaching – supporting individuals and teams to deliver lasting value through personalised development
  • Developing a strong pool of professional women who manage themselves with confidence and intent
  • Career Management – ensuring competitive advantage through career solutions and advisory which cover the life cycle of companies.

Our team of qualified coaches and consultants all have corporate backgrounds and are based across Asia Pacific and in the UK.  We’ve all led teams, have worked in many countries and have navigated multi-cultural environments.  

To support clients we have a library of resources and the work we do can be delivered face to face or online.  In addition we host some of our programmes as self-directed online learning.

We’re experienced, great listeners and passionate about making a positive impact on everyone we meet.

Leadership Development

Developing exceptional management and leadership talent.


Delivering lasting value for individuals and organisations through quality personalized development.

Career Management

Establishing a competitive advantage through tailored career solutions for individuals and organisations.

Developing Diverse Talent

Growing confident and intentional professional women.

10 important career questions to ask yourself

10 important career questions to ask yourself

Let’s look at some numbers. Over the course of a full career we will work roughly 480 months, or 1,920 five-day weeks, which is 9,600 days!   We’ll hope you agree, it’s pretty important to be in the right career or have a portfolio of great jobs during that time. It’s...

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Protect your brand or your people? You can do both.

Protect your brand or your people? You can do both.

When things are going well it’s relatively easy being a business leader. It’s in a crisis that leaders show what they are really made of. In times of dislocation leaders have to make critical choices that can affect people as well as business continuity. It is...

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