Career Management

Establishing a competitive advantage through tailored career solutions for individuals and organizations

With increasing pressure on organisations to compete for talent, the need for strong employer brands and engaging employee value propositions (the promise an employer offers their staff) is greater than ever.

Whether attracting staff to join your organization, onboarding them quickly and effectively, growing, developing and retaining them, or letting them go as a result of restructure or M&A activity we have solutions to support you. 

Through a small and experienced advisory team we’ve conducted research, held focus groups, designed workshops and longer programmes and led projects to deliver solutions for clients across the globe.

We work alongside companies and individuals in our career management practice.

We provide advisory and consulting services (both within our team and working with partners) around several career management topics, whether employer branding, employer value propositions, onboarding, career development workshops, coaching and outplacement services. 

We design and facilitate career-related workshops for corporate talent focused particularly around owning career development, personal brand and understanding and navigation corporations.

Our outplacement services give a practical and emotional bridge to employees when organisations go through changes resulting in redundancy.

We help individuals figure out how to make a career move to a job they are passionate about, get back to work after a break or job loss, or rethink how much impact they’re making in their career.  We also host some of our programmes online with self-directed learning for those who’d like to move at their own pace.

Our career management practice is supported by our coaches and our partners, many of whom specialize in specific areas of career management.

Online modules
10 important career questions to ask yourself

10 important career questions to ask yourself

Let’s look at some numbers. Over the course of a full career we will work roughly 480 months, or 1,920 five-day weeks, which is 9,600 days!   We’ll hope you agree, it’s pretty important to be in the right career or have a portfolio of great jobs during that time. It’s...

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Protect your brand or your people? You can do both.

Protect your brand or your people? You can do both.

When things are going well it’s relatively easy being a business leader. It’s in a crisis that leaders show what they are really made of. In times of dislocation leaders have to make critical choices that can affect people as well as business continuity. It is...

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