Our full executive coaching assignment offers support for leaders as they transition to broader or more senior roles or develop their leadership impact.  Coaching facilitates new insights and perspectives, supported by an unbiased view.  It’s completely tailored to the needs of the individual and focused around reaching specific goals defined by the individual, working alongside their manager, or directly with their coach.  Our coaching is supportive, stretching and sometimes challenging – always focused on the goals, sometimes more reflective and other times completely action focused.

How does coaching deliver value?
By asking the right sort of questions; by earning trust and confidence; by referencing experience and sharing knowledge; by helping identify and commit to certain goals. Overall effective coaching should improve the quality of thinking, performance, and improve the depth of self-awareness of the individual coachee.

A coaching assignment
A typical coaching assignment takes 8 months and includes no less than 14 hours of coaching, with unlimited support by phone, VC or face to face between sessions. Additional psychometric tools can also be added, as can bespoke feedback for those who’d like a better understanding of how they’re seen by others.

Our coaches
We partner with extremely experienced coaches.  Each coach has had an extensive corporate career (all with leadership experience) and have the ability to empathise, challenge and support individuals as they work towards their goals.

Our coaches also facilitate programmes and workshops.  With that comes the added value of breadth and depth of understanding of the challenges faced by managers and leaders, heaps of practical frameworks and a library of resources to support the development goals of their clients.

In addition many of our coaches are qualified to use psychometric tools, which can support the coaching process.  All of our coaches are experienced at managing a 360 feedback process.

How does an executive coach deliver value for your organisation?

An executive coach can deliver value to you and/or your organization by:

Earning trust and confidence – trust is built on the foundations of a strong track record, reliability and the personal connection between individuals.  Creating a safe and confidential place to explore and at times challenge your assumptions, a coach will help you to think and act in new ways to help meet your goals. A skilled coach will give an organisation confidence that their investment is in safe hands, understanding and summarising objectives, explaining how the ‘coachees’ will be stretched, challenged and supported in a confidential and safe way, so that they are equipped to deliver on agreed goals.

Asking the right type of questions – and importantly getting you to ask questions of yourself.  A skilled coach will enable you to arrive at your own solutions leaving you empowered and committed to delivering what you need.  For the organization the right coach will quickly understand your values and purpose, ask for your views and perspectives on the culture, individuals and outcomes you are looking to achieve.

Helping identify, agree and commit to goals. Your coach will help you surface, refine and keep a focus on stretched yet achievable goals.  They will help hold you accountable to reaching them. There’s much research that supports this and writing goals down and revisiting them on a regular basis means you’re more likely to achieve them. For an organization it’s the commitment to identifying and clarifying the ‘right’ goals and the accountability of all parties to achieve them.

Improving self-awareness and emotional intelligence. The body of research into the links between high emotional intelligence (EQ) and success at work are undeniable.  A skilled coach will work to build confidence and skill in all areas of EQ regardless of the goals.  Successful business is based on quality relationships and high EQ sits at the very heart of building impactful and strong networks and connections

An extract of a blog taken from TCB founder Liz Luya writing a guest blog for Boldy.com.

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